Saturday, 18 August 2012


Black prom hairstyles can make not only black women glamorous but other women with straight hairs can also look beautiful with these hairstyles. Black prom hairstyles are according to the hair texture of African American women and you can get many black prom hairstyles according to the length of your hairs. 

If you have long hairs then you are lucky that you can try many hairstyles like braids, buns, chignons and layered styles. Braids are in fashion this year and f you think like many others that braids go out of fashion then you are wrong as micro braids are trendy and make you awesome.

You can make your hairstyle more beautiful with hair accessories like hair pins, beads, pearls and barrettes. Along with this, you can try French braid as it is not time taking and stylish too. French braid can be made just with in 5 minutes so you must try it on your prom night. Simple braid is made by dividing hairs in to three portions but French braid is made by taking two portions of hairs at both sides and then gather other hair.
Black prom hairstyles
Rihanna cut, asymmetrical bangs and tight curls are other popular hairstyles for black women which you can try if you want to look gorgeous at your prom night. Rihanna cut is named after cutting of very famous singer as she is African American so her hairstyles are best to be copied by African American women. 
Black prom hairstyles
Bangs are great way if you want to enhance the beauty of your hairstyle. Asymmetrical bangs give a very beautiful and stylish look to the carrier as in this type, hairs on back or front or left or right of unequal length and you can not guess after watching one side of hairs that what will be on other side.
Black prom hairstyles
Curls are in fashion 2013 this year and women like to carry them both casually and formally. Curly hairstyles are easy to be tried by women having naturally curly or wavy hairs as they have not to spend time in making artificial curls but if you have straight hairs then you can also get curly hairstyles by making artificial curls with the help of curling or Tight curls are best for African American women but they should be tried according to your face shape. It is better to make curls at night before going to bed but if you are in hurry then you can blow dry your hairs.

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