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There are many hairstyles available in the stock of 2013 hair styles

To have a perfect look for prom party, one has to choose every thing elegant and stunning. For prom party the hair style is also very important. Every girl has to dress the hair according to the length of hair. The long hair has many styles for dressing. The curly and wavy look is stunning for all kinds of formal function. In curly hair, the girls like to leave them open on both left and right shoulders but sometimes all the curly locks are placed on one shoulder.

In the collection of 2013, there are many stunning hair styles which are liked and applied very much. For example, some girls have a ponytail of long curly locks. After this ponytail the hairs are lift and twisted many times on back of head and then bind them with elastic band. 

This style looks like the small garden of flowers. Mostly the girls like to curl hair near to the nape of neck. Corn braids are made in upper part of head and the back part is dressed in pony tail of curls. Click casual hairstyles
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This style is best for all kinds of parties. Further these kinds of styles are known up down prom hair styles. The high and low volume bunds are also interesting. These buns can be made from both long and short hair. The short hairs also have different styles. 
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The messy curly look of hair is one of famous hairstyles for prom 2011. The pixie style of hair helps in looking cool, sexy and less age. The French braid is made in different parts of head. Although the fashion of French braid is old but it is still used as a fashion.
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Eve Mendes Braided hairstyles for prom 2011 are demanding and beautiful. The bun of rose style is liked and applied frequently. Because with this style the length of neck and beauty of shoulders are showed off. This style is made with straight hair. 
hairstyles - haircuts
For all hair styles, the use of spray is necessary. The style of back combing is also demanding. The style of back combing is made with different other styles. As some locks are leave open on face and the back of head is also dressed in different curly or bun styles. So, it can be said that the dressing of hair add extra charm in the personality of girls. 

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